Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Caramels and Alcohol

Most of the time I struggle
with the inevitable block that impedes me to write.
So I try with poetry
because I find in there
a better way
to express myself.

Sometimes a white page doesn’t look so scary
when you fill it
with random thoughts.

I like to play with poetry.

Poetry is not about rhymes
and sonnets.
Poetry is about
and truth.

Poetry is not only
about love and hate,
is about what you see and
how you feel.

It’s the ultimate trip.

I like poetry when is pure
and honest.
When it strikes me without notice,
when with its images
strolls me through
an album of sounds
and colors.

I like poetry
to be simple too.
Straight words for
immediate thoughts.
Instant messages,
Slaps in my head,
Take it or leave it,
Spontaneous enlighten,
Amateur voyeurism.

I like it when it describes
common people with
common problems and
common fears.

When it describes the skid rows
of life itself,
the margins,
the little fonts in
this capital world.

Writing poetry is for everyone,
you'll always have something
to say,
something spontaneous,
something you want to
scream your lungs
something beatific
that you wanna share
the rest of

Caramels and alcohol,
slips with the
and turns
in sweet rendezvous
the back

Custom House - 22/5/07


Anonymous said...

Simple things make life so special.

Milo said...

Veo que te has volcado definitivamente a los sajones.
Es bueno que encuentres el puente para que crucen tus ideas.
Sigo leyendo, pero sigo sediento.