Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pasaba por Aqui

A flash,
a sight,
true colours,
bear feet boys
riding the streets

Jesus born from a virgin,
naked stories,
truthful souls
wondering empty alleys

Sweet velvety sky
pale blue eyes,
boom bang smash

White sands on empty beaches,
coconut stories,
ravaging winds,
winds of them' souls,

Shakespeare in a pub
writing a new song,
one we never heard before,

Lyrics drinking melodies
for kicks,
c'mon everybody clap your hands,
stomp your feet

White heat makes you
clench your teeth,
move your body,
drink that pill

Ride that train and get off
when you feel
that is the place
you wanna see

Crush a couch,
empty a can,
listen them' stories,
flow with the scene

Kerouac in the highway with a
rucksack and a can of beans,
a thumb up
wine over him

Sweet morphine
Oedipus wrecks,
Neal driving madly
burning pavement through his wheels,

Sticky pictures
all along the yard,
green grass green cut
hear the engines hum

Autumn falls,
leafs will follow
decorating cities
with unselfishness joy

The world around us will grieve
with love,
take your bag, hat and coat,
leave them' shoes.

Capel Street - 4/08/07

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