Friday, November 24, 2006

Journey to Africa's Gate

Acá les dejo una parte de un relato que escribí el año pasado y que fue publicado por una serie de paginas de Internet de viajes. Si quieren leer el texto completo y ver algunas fotos que saqué pueden ir a:

Espero que lo disfruten...

"The journey took us into the heart of the Riff Mountains, the road was twisty and in bad condition. Paul McCartney's acid interpretation in 'You never give me your money' from Abbey Road sounded from the CD player, whilst we encountered people running beside the road waving their hands offering us big packets of what we later found out from a local guy was hashish, a common thing to do in that region.

We found a very cheap hotel in the ville nouvelle, left our backpacks in the room and wondered down to the medina. When we entered the medina a completely new world appeared before our eyes. People stared at us with such intensity we felt like we were people running away from a mental institution. I gotta tell you that we never felt that watched before, we were starting to wonder when they last saw foreign people.

Chauen´s medina is small and quiet, houses and stairs are dyed with soft blues and cream colours giving a sensation of coolness and cleanliness. You just have to let go of everything else and get lost in the hundred of tiny narrow streets, trying no to bump on beggars sitting on the floor and street dealers offering you hash or marijuana. You have to answer politely but firmly and they won't bother you any more. If you pass by any house-shop you will get the inevitable offer of visiting: 'Please feel free to look around and touch, there is no need to buy, try it!'

The real thing is that you feel terrible entering their houses and not buying anything at all, all quality products and everything so beautifully on display. They even offer you tea or coffee. But you always end up feeling guilty because you wasted his time. During the next days we began to understand that it was all part of the game, so we relaxed and enjoyed.

We decided to stop to have a mint tea in a typical coffee place, where woman are not allow to enter, when something incredible happened. For the first time, we heard the chants to call the people to prayer, coming from the speakers from one of the many mosques. It felt like time stopped and we were special guests in an Indiana Jones movie. The first stage in this amazing trip was as good as it gets. We went to sleep and woke up early the next morning to go to our next stop."

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kuikuix said...

Hola! te encontre por ahi! asi que te gusta la generacion beat ah? nombras varios libros que he leido, pero te falta Allen Gingsberg, leiste Oda Plutoniana?
leela....y del cine prefuero a David Linch..bien que bueno leerte me recuerda a un viejo amigo que soñaba con lo mismo