Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dublin City Jazz Session

Vol. II

The city lights strikes right
Into my mind
Here upon this grey
And sad street
I look wide eyed to the black
And starry night

Seems like everything flows
Just fine under O’Connell Bridge
The place where our souls
Cry and moan in the
Journey at the center
Of the night

No limericks and lullabies
No forsaken fairy tales
And hocus pocus magic realisms
Will undo what I have done,
Time will tell if I am right
But definitely I’ll do my best
To bring it down

Now the rain comes all right
Tiny drops pour down my face
Will I ever see a blue sky?
Don’t care too much,
Let it all come down.

Capel Street, 14/12/06

Picture: George Street.

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