Friday, January 05, 2007

Dublin City Jazz Session

Vol. III

I stare at the dim yellow walls
Of my room,
Street noise coming from
The open windows,
A sudden chill runs
Through my spine
Feel cold
And desperate

Maybe I should try closing
The windows
But I don’t wanna,
I like to hear the sound of
Car breaks,
People shouting nonsense screams
And old ladies selling
Vegetables for the pack,

Victorian neighbor flats
Stay put in front of me,
Grey pebbled bricks rise from
The colored stores ground floor,
Open and bright windows in the
Cold of the nigh
Rise the light that shines
In my eyes,

Hush’s the wind that hardens
The depth of winter,
I better close those tiles
And shut that window,
Tomorrow’s another day
Where clouds and fog
Will meet again,
Like two lovers afraid
To die in solitude.

Capel Street, 17/12/06

Picture: The Spire.

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