Monday, January 15, 2007

Dublin City Jazz Session

Vol. V

The other evening we introduced ourselves
in the cold winter night,
Temple Bar was the scenario,
dark and powerful,
a tiny crowd listened our pains
and sorrows,
street people was the audience,
more than I’ve expected.

My friend in the guitar arranged
this beautiful and apocalyptical rhythm
to follow my poetry,
chemistry was there man,
I’m sure ‘bout it,
I was hot and tempered
with the sensation that I belonged there,
with my mic and my poem
in the other hand,
shaking my soul
to the naked crowd.

As I was reading and rattling
my bones,
a hammered negro lady came
at the scenario
smiling white and deeply
presented her twisted state
of mind,
she sang and laughed
and screamed
gaelic rambles,
the music of the streets,
the outskirts,
the margined story telling of the
damned and crazy,
the naked words of a candle
that’ll never
fade away.

Everybody was hanging out,
glass eyed junkies half smiling
half rediscovering
forgotten feelings,
now fearless to cry out loud
unselfish secrets,
provocative slang images
from laughter
born in their holiest

Well we were up all night
high with life,
wine bottles in plastic cups
warmed the spirit,
that night sold me
the idea
that for a while
I could pretend to be that someone
I've always dream
to be,

And to be honest,
I was never able to
sleep again.

Capel Street 09/01/07

Picture: Ha'Penny Bridge.

1 comment:

Lucía Foos said...

Oh my fucking God...

Creo que me enamoraste.

Tan impermeable me sentía y sin embargo vos.

Tarde te respondo tu comentario. Tarde lo encontré también.

¿Será que quien querés ser sea el gran amor de quien yo quiero ser?

No freakees con todo esto, el sueño me quema las pestañas. Pero realmente me enamoraste por unos minutos.

Abrazos porteños.

¿Los extrañas, desconocido?