Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dublin City Jazz Session

Vol. IV

Look for me and
You’ll find me
Where the boroughs
have no name,
Where the roads are sinuous and
Follow a non direction sign,
Where the stars collapse at
the break of dawn,
Where the ocean meets the land and
breaks in a furious wave,
Where a man is no man but a
forgotten smile,
Where the grape melts down
in the warm of a belly,
Where the river flows and
tracks down the pebbles of mankind,
Where she moans and cries and
breathes in a white silk bed,
Where the ticket is torn
in a one way go,
Where the dark strikes in a
warm Saharan night,
Where the old man fights for his life in a
nuthin’ to win chess match with Lady Death,
Where the sun turns red and blue and green and pink
when in agony gasps for a last beaten breath,
Where the poet suffers for love and
feels desperate alone,
Where the city forgets its past, present and future
but opens it heart for the delirious of life,
Where the drunk drinks the last drop of beer and
pretends is the last one
Where the beat weeps
understanding the beautiful side of life,

I’ll be there watching,
Understanding and by no means
So if you want to pick me up
Just follow the beaten

Temple Bar, 19/12/06

Picture: Dart Railway over the Liffey River.

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