Friday, October 13, 2006

Ejercicio Mental

Once in a while I start thinkin' bout the different kind of ways a man can turn his head over and over and over. We shouldnt mess around with what we care bout. We shouldnt think everything is ours and everything is theirs. We could just start joking around with another companion, if you know what I mean. I dont know, this excercise of doing nothing its pointless in a way that contemporary fellowships misunderstood an utopian marxian way of life. Woody Allen taught us that everybody can date its daughter, it sound kind'a rude right? everybody loves Woody Allen, i personally believe he's a freakish genius, but I remark FREAKISH again. Poverty, rapes, killings, war, BOMB! hide in the closet, run for your life, linger the opportunity, close the door, turn off the light, light a candle...

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