Sunday, April 29, 2007


During the time I spent abroad
I fulfilled my back to back
Freedom is not something
You get in the streets,
Money pocket comes and goes
But integrity

I get emotionally intense whilst
Looking through a window,
It doesn’t matter how far it’ll take
To get there,
It doesn’t matter how dark it’ll be
When I get there,
It doesn’t matter at all,
Why should it?

I never ask myself so many questions,
Of course I’m in constant
Communication with my other
But now I can sleep,
And rest smoothly
In my dreams.

I dream a lot, you know?
And I recall
Every single one of them,
But I'm afraid to write them down,
I feel like I’ll be stealing something
And never able to
give it back

I look at my wall full covered
With post cards,
I listen to Dylan and I find that
There’s a guy with something to say,
I walk the streets
Up an down,
The multicultural colours overwhelms me
With a satisfying glimpse in my eyes.

And in the morning when I wake up
And go to work,
Tangled up in Blue flows through the headphones,
it feels

Capel St 29/04/07
Pic: Enrico D'Andrea - 145 Mountjoy Square


Lucía Foos said...
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Lucía Foos said...

"Dreams are stupid and they scare me."
-Rose Walker - The Sandman (Neil Gaiman)

I found this little cybernetic place as a rest for my eyes and my thoughts. It feels like home, even when I don't feel homeless.

I wish there was a chance in the world to have a coupe of coffe with you in any lost city of the World, and talk about the streets until the windows get steamed and we ask for a whisky in somewhere else.

God, my english has declined since last time.